Ashley Throw, Instructor

Ashley started dance classes as a little 4 year old in a tutu in North Dakota. During her school years she learned jazz, tap, modern, and some lyrical and hip hop as well.  In high school she discovered bellydance and it changed her life.  She found something she was truly passionate about. Ashley's instructor eventually moved away though and left her to take over the classes. She taught on and off for a couple years until she decided to take a break from teaching and become the student again. She had to travel to find workshops, sometimes as far as Chicago.  But in the spring in 2013, Ashley moved to Portland where she could further her Bellydance education and perform more often.  Portland has been kind to her and she never wants to leave.  It's also the home of Rachel Brice’s 8 Elements certification program, where Ashley has completed 2 of
the 4 levels and she's looking forward to finishing it in the near future.  She's excited to share her love of Bellydance with the Sherwood Dance Family.

She teaches: Bellydance


Get to know Ashley better:  When did you start dancing and why did you keep dancing?  I started at the age of 4 and I kept going because it was fun. I had made lots of friends. As years passed, I found it was what made me happiest. If ever I couldn’t dance, I’d be miserable.

Why did you want to become a dance instructor?  I wanted to teach so I could share this style of dance that seemed strange, exciting, and maybe a little exotic. I wanted to share the passion I had for this and watch it form in others.

Do you still dance or take dance lessons even though you are an instructor?  Always! You should never stop learning!

What is your favorite style of dance and why?  I love bellydance and all the styles within. But I also have a great appreciation for modern dance. I love Martha Graham!

What is the hardest part about dance to you and why?  The hardest part about dance for me is making myself do it when I don’t want to. When I’m having a bad day or I don’t feel well or I just don’t have time… but I know that dancing will make me feel better or put me in a better mood. It’s just getting started that’s hard sometimes.

What is your favorite thing to do outside of the studio or besides teaching dance? I love reading, writing, playing my doumbek (a middle eastern hand drum). I’m also trying my hand at making my own costume pieces. It might develop into a new hobbie…

What is your favorite dance quote?  "I intend to work for this dance of the future. I do not know whether
I have the necessary qualities; I may have neither genius nor talent nor temperament. But I know that I have a Will; and will and energy sometimes prove greater than either genius or talent or temperament."
- Isadora Duncan