Belly Fit

You know you’ve wanted to try Bellydance, but maybe the thought of performing on stage has kept you away? Or you have a crazy schedule that doesn’t allow you to commit to a class? Then this class is for you! All levels welcome and “drop-in-friendly,” BellyFit focuses on exploring movement in arms, torso, hips, and more, learning techniques and combinations, but without a performance expectation. Start any time, come when you can— we just want to dance with you!

Bellydance fusion

Fusion Bellydance is an optional 30 minute add on for Belly Fit.  After you’re all warmed-up, if you want to add choreography and performance to your bellydance evening, follow BellyFit with Bellydance Fusion! Often melding different styles of music and dance under a “bellydance” umbrella, the choreography will work toward performance at the recital (costumes! lights! bling!). This is a regular studio class to be taken concurrently with BellyFit. Share the beauty and fun of bellydance with friends onstage!


Bellydance allows the student to explore one's own grace, fluidity, and rhythm through this ancient form of dance. Class begins with stretching by working through varied movements of the head, arms, chest, belly, shoulders, hips, and torso. Dancers will work on range of motion, isolation, and layering as they develop moves for combinations and choreography.

Dress Code:

Dancers are allowed to wear what makes them feel comfortable.  You are allowed to show your belly in this class, but only if you're comfortable doing so.