Sherwood Dance Academy is happy to donate to local schools and organizations to help them raise money during auctions and fundraisers.

We donate gift certificates for 1 month of classes at our studio worth a $60 value.  Contact the office to ask for a donation for your organizations.

Our community we've supported since 2015:

  • Alberta Rider Elementary School
  • Antonia Crater Elementary School
  • Caddies 4 Cure
  • Candy Community Preschool
  • Charles F. Tigard Elementary School
  • Chehalem Youth & Family Services
  • Children's Hour Academy Foundation
  • Children's Tumor Foundation
  • City of Sherwood
  • Cruisin' Sherwood
  • Deer Creek Elementary School
  • Ewing Young Support Team
  • Friends of the Sherwood Center for the Arts
  • Give -N- Gobble
  • Great Onion Festival
  • Helping Hands of Sherwood
  • Middleton Elementary School
  • Newberg Animal Shelter Friends
  • Oregon Association Chiefs of Police
  • Robin Hood Festival Association
  • Rotary Club of Newberg
  • Saint Francis School
  • Saint Paul Parochial School
  • Sherwood Arrows Dance Team
  • Sherwood Center for the Arts
  • Sherwood Early Learning Fair
  • Sherwood High School Band
  • Sherwood High School Booster Club
  • Sherwood High School Dance Team
  • Sherwood Middle Schools Band Booster
  • Sherwood Regional Family YMCA
  • Sherwood Winter Showcase (project of Sherwood Band Booster Club)
  • Smockville Montessori School
  • Tigard Playschool
  • Veritas School
  • Wildwood Farm Sanctuary