Jenny Mason, Assistant Studio Director, Showstoppers Director


Miss Jenny started dancing at Westside as a child, where she enjoyed being a member of their performing company for many years.  She began training to teach at the age of 12 and was teaching on her own by 15. She continued teaching at many different local studios over 10 years including Westside Dance Academy, Let's Make Music & Dance, Bally's and the Newberg Dance Center. She loves watching her students grow and learn to love dance just like she does. She enjoys watching her daughters Taylor and Peyton dance with the  performance group at SDA and her 3 year old daughter Kyndall has already been in classes since she was 16 months old!

She teaches: The Showstoppers, Ballet, Tap, Acro, Tumbling, Jazz, Little Movers

Get to know Jenny better:

When did you start dancing and why did you keep dancing? My first dance class was when I was 3, I danced on and off until I was about 10, that's when I fell in love with it, and you couldn't keep me out of the studio! I started dancing for my mom, she always wanted to dance, but being one of 7 children her family couldn't afford it, so as soon as she had her own little girls she enrolled us in dance. She was and always will be an inspiration to me and a big part of my love for dance. It was through her sacrifice and support that I was able to dance and become the teacher that I am today.

Why did you want to become a dance instructor?  I remember looking up to my dance teachers, I thought they were the coolest people ever, so when I got the opportunity to assist them as an 11 year old I took it! That just led to me building relationships with students and when I was 15 I started teaching on my own. It was so fun to inspire dancers and watch them learn, grow and discover new things. It is such a rewarding experience to be a positive part of a young child's life, especially sharing something so close to my heart.

Do you still dance or take dance lessons even though you are an instructor? Of course I do! I can't get enough, I love learning new styles and challenging myself with them. In fact, my first experience with SDA was taking Modern with Liana - she pushed me to new limits and I loved it! I haven't had time to try any of the classes this year, but I'm anxious to get into the studio as a student. It helps to inspire me and keep me growing as a dancer so I can be the best teacher I can be to my students.

What is your favorite style of dance and why?  I'd have to say my favorite style of dance is Jazz. It covers so much from Lyrical to Broadway, but still includes all the basic technique of dance. I guess it's the style that feels the most natural to me.

What is the hardest part about dance to you and why?  That's a tricky one...the hardest part about dance to me is not being able to share it with everyone, I wish it was a subject in school so that every child had the opportunity to participate!

What is your favorite thing to do outside of the studio or besides teaching dance?  My favorite thing to do outside of the studio is of course spending time with my family. I am lucky enough to be married to my best friend and we have three wonderful girls. Taylor Nicole, Peyton June and Kyndall Lee.

What is your favorite dance quote and why?  "Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion."- Martha Graham

I am very thankful to my mom for inspiring me to dance and helping me to be the person I am today. 
I am also thankful to my family for sharing me with all of you! I have been incredibly lucky to work in this wonderful community, it is truly a pleasure to have the opportunity to be a part of your children's lives.