Tuition Rates

Monthly tuition is calculated for the whole term (September '16 - June '17) including breaks & holidays and then split into equal payments over 10 months, one due each month.  So tuition is the same whether there are 3, 4, or 5 classes in a month.  Calculations for tuition reflects one snow day and one photo day.

Registration Fee

  • Sherwood Dance Academy charges an annual $30 family fee.  This fee is due upon initial registration and will last 12 months.  Only one fee is due per family.


  • If you begin class in the middle of the session/month, tuition amount due will be prorated. 
  • If you have a planned vacation of 2 weeks or longer and let the office know before tuition is due that month, we can prorate a months tuition for you.  This must be okayed by the office beforehand.  No refunds are given for vacations.

    **If you miss a class, we do not refund or credit for the missed class. We do offer a make-up class, which you can do in any of the classes that fits your child's age range. It does not have to be the same style or same instructor. E-mail the studio to sign up for your make-up class.


  • Students do not receive a monthly bill, rather a monthly updates email with a reminder about tuition dues. Tuition rates will be posted at the studio and on our website.  Payments are due by the 10th of each month and considered late on the 11th.
  • Payments are late after the 10th and will incur a $10 late fee.
  • NSF fee for checks is $20.
  • We accept cash, checks, Visa, Mastercard, or Discover.
  • Auto-deduct is available with a debit or credit card through your online Sherwood Dance Account. Tuition is deducted on the the 4th of each month. Requests for due date change may be made by emailing the studio.
  • If you have any questions regarding tuition or anything financial, please address those questions to the Director or Assistant Director, as to allow the instructors to teach for full class time.


  • Tuition refunds are not given if you miss a class or drop part way through a month.