3rd Saturday of June, at Newberg High School

Each year, Sherwood Dance Academy offers our students a chance to demonstrate, on stage, what they have learned throughout the year. We have a unique and family friendly approach to our recital program. We have one full day of recitals - each lasting about one hour.  With the first recital starting at 9:30am, the following recitals start every 2 hours.  This allows for all parents and loved ones to attend a reduced show length and ensures all our dancers get a chance to be in the spotlight. Please join us in supporting our family of dancers!  There is no video or photography allowed at the recital.  Recital DVDs will be available for purchase for $18/each.

Dress Rehearsal

  • Dress Rehearsals take place at the Newberg High School Auditorium.

  • Each class will have a time scheduled after 3pm either the Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday right before the recital.

  • This is the time to practice on stage with full hair, makeup, and costume.

  • Because there is no video or photography allowed at the recital, the dress rehearsal is a great time to get your personal video and photos. No lighted video or flash photography is allowed at any time.

  • Because students are backstage for the actual recital, we recommend you plan to come early or stay late at the dress rehearsal so students can enjoy and be inspired by other dances.

Recital Day

  • Recitals take place at the Newberg High School Auditorium.

  • Performers should arrive in costume with hair and makeup already done. Parents will leave their children backstage and 1 parent can come pick them up backstage after the recital. There are volunteers and instructors backstage to help with any costume changes that are needed. It is extremely important that backstage workers know where students are at all times.

  • Once students are dropped off, parents are not allowed backstage or in the wings of the stage during the show. Please sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

  • Students are to stay backstage the entire recital. If any student needs to leave early, this must be conveyed to the office prior to the recitals.

  • Please make sure all costumes, clothing, bags, books, and toys are labeled with your child's name. Lost and found will be brought to the studio, but not available for pick up until summer classes begin July 5th.


  • Tickets are $12/each, 2 & under are free. Recital tickets will be available in May at the studio. They will also be available at the dress rehearsal and at the recital.

  • Tickets to an additional recital time are $6/each. Tickets to a 3rd/4th recital time are free.

  • Any performer may attend another recital as an audience member for free.

Recital Video

  • NO video or photography allowed at the recital.

  • Videos can be purchased for $18 each. The Showstoppers recital is $24 each due to the increased length of time.

  • You may upgrade your recital DVD to a USB for $5 each video.

  • Video order forms (found at the studio) are due by the end of recital day. We will still be taking video orders at the dress rehearsals and recitals. Late orders may still be made, but will incur late fees.

  • DVDs will be available for pickup at Sherwood Dance by the end of summer session. you can have the DVD mailed to you for an additional $6 shipping & handling +$2 for each additional DVD/USB.

  • Payment is made to Sherwood Dance Academy.

Recital FLOWERs

  • Pre-order flowers for your favorite dancer! Flowers are provided by Sherwood's local flower ship, It's All Arranged Floral Design.

  • Payment is made to Sherwood Dance Academy.

  • $14 Bouquet (must be pre-ordered).

  • $4 Single Stem Rose (pre-order suggested, limited number available for $5 each on recital day).

  • Flower order forms (found at the studio) are due by Tuesday, June 11th at 12:00pm. Flowers will be ready for you to pick up, marked with your dancer's name at the ticket table on recital day.


  • Costumes range in price from $55-$75 with the younger ones at the lower end of the range and the older students at the higher end.

  • Costume payments are due by January 19th.

  • Late costume payments or kids signing up late in the term may be subject to late fees.