Studio Rental

Sherwood Dance Academy has 3 studios available to rent.  All studios are equipped with a floating floor, a ballet barre secured to wall, mirrors, viewing windows, and a stereo system available for iPod and CD.  Also available - 12 tumbling mats, 2 portable 6' ballet barres, yoga bolsters, yoga blocks, 4 plastic benches, 4 wooden cushioned benches, 20 chairs, and a small amount of storage space for ongoing renters.

Rooms are available for one time use or ongoing.

Room A

  • Room size - 790 sq ft.
  • Attached barre length - 26 ft barre along back wall and 8 ft instructor barre at window.
  • Mirror length - 25 ft.

Room B

  • Room size - 760 sq ft.
  • Attached barre length - 16 ft barre along window and 7 ft barre along back wall.
  • Mirror length 20 ft.

Room C

  • Room size - 1000 sq ft.
  • Attached barre length (info coming soon)
  • Mirror length (info coming soon)